26 febrero 2007

Tokyo Ya

The last week i went to "tokyo ya" from barcelona ( the web page its so cheap... may i can make them a more cute one fufu )

Tokyo ya its a supermarket about japanese food, and other things about japan.
definitly the shop its crazy expensive... the little bag of furikake, its arround 6 euros, 1000 yen...

Here are some photos of the inside :)

i boought some things to make sushi, ... and this is the result.. my first atempts makeing Maki sushi, and tori maki uramaki .. or however its called.

ok... they could be more rounded.. i know....

the recipt of the torimaki uramaki, its "stealed" from the japanese restaurant in Barcelona Called, Kibuka ( kabuki was allready registered... ) made from tempura, chiken, philadelphia, wasabi..... tasty tasty....

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